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Facebook Marketing Services

Find new customers. Boost sales.

Facebook can help you meet your business goals.

Optimise your Facebook marketing

You may have more than one business goal, and your goals may change over time, but defining your priorities is a great first step. We'll give you tips based on what you'd like to achieve.

Drive In-store Sales
Increase foot traffic and make it easier for people to find and share information about your business.

Increase Online Sales
Find new customers and deepen relationships with people who'll click through and buy.

Launch a New Product
Generate excitement and maintain momentum around a new product or service.

Build Awareness
Express what makes your business unique and stay top-of-mind for future product decisions.

Promote Your App
Get your app into the hands of the right people and keep them engaged.

Facebook Marketing Services

Our Facebook Marketing Service is priced and targeted towards Startups, Micro and Small Enterprises. It comprises of the following:

  1. Facebook Business Page Creation: Facebook Pages allow businesses and brands to showcase their work and interact with fans. We offer Facebook Business Page Creation Services for a fixed price of Rs 4999/- All Inclusive. Just send us your company portfolio, company logo, product and service details along with your website to We shall create your business page with the information you provide.
  2. Facebook Business Page Audit: If you already have a Facebook Business Page and would like us to audit the same and provide pointers for improvement then we provide the same in our Facebook Business Page Audit Service priced at Rs 2999/- All Inclusive per page.
  3. Facebook Advertising: If you would like to advertise your product or service on Facebook, then we do the same as a part of our Facebook Advertising Service priced at Rs 5999/- All Inclusive per ad. Kindly note the price mentioned is for writing the creative copy for the ad and deployment. The amount that you want to pay Facebook for running your ad is as per your budget and can be as low as Rs 100 per day.
  4. Facebook Training: Want to run your Facebook marketing campaign by yourself then we can help you with the same by providing customized Facebook Training Programs catered specifically for your company. The program shall comprise of the following:
    • How to create a Facebook Business Page.
    • How to Create a Content Strategy for your Facebook Business Page so that you engage your Facebook fans consistently.
    • How to create and deploy catchy and attention grabbing Facebook Ads such that you get a continuous supply of leads.
    • How to analyze and decipher reports of your Facebook Marketing Activity
    The Facebook Training Program is priced at Rs 19,999/- All Inclusive per company.

Given below is the Rate Card for all the services mentioned above. For any further assistance, please feel free to write to us on

Service Price
Facebook Business Page Creation Rs 4999/- All Inclusive per Page
Facebook Business Page Audit Rs 2999/- All Inclusive per Page
Facebook Advertising Rs 5999/- All Inclusive per Ad
Facebook Training Rs 19,999/- All Inclusive per Company